File Maker Pro at the University of Utah

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-07-13 devin


Sample FileMaker Pro sites run by the University of Utah's College of Fine Arts and Mac Support Group. Please note that these sites are no longer active.

Sample FileMaker Pro sites: College of Fine Arts

Personnel Database
This database contains records for the faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts and the Art, Ballet, Dance, File, Music, and Theatre departments.

The history of this project begins with the original faculty web-pages for each department. They were created long before the idea of using the database came up. To convert to a database, the original files for each department was copied and slightly modified for FileMaker Pro. There was already an existing faculty database, and so it was also slightly modified to include fields for the web-page biography and URL for their web-page, or pictures.

The advantage of using the database over the original files is that searches are now possible, and the departments' staff can update the information in the database over the web, rather than having to understand HTML and have ftp or other file access to the College web server.

Database faculty pages: Ballet - Modern Dance Faculty - Theatre (all links dead)
The original static file faculty lists: Ballet - Modern Dance Faculty - Theatre (all links dead)

The College also has a quick email/phone finder: Email/phone search. (link dead)

For comparison, you can see the same thing implemented in Tango: Email/phone search (link dead)

Events database
This database is a record of the events that occur within the college and its departments.

Again, this database is updated by the departments' staff.

Events: CFA page - CFA page under construction (links dead)

Faculty Review
This database is used to keep track of faculty activities.

Every faculty member fills out the information. After they are done, the Chairs review the data and add their comments. After they are done, the Dean views the Chairs comments and at will can view any faculty data.

This is used mainly for archival purposes (and to get rid of paper work).

Example page (link dead)

Mail List
This database is a general purpose mailing list label database. Secretaries that have a problem with computers will be directed to use this database when it is completed.

With this database, they will be able to create records for people and organizations, make lists, and print them out in the form of a downloadable pdf.

Eventually, there will also be the ability to export the lists as tab separated text (for Excel or Word imports) or comma separated email addresses (as a mail list for Eudora).

Example page (link dead)

Emma Ray Riggs McKay Library
This database is a catalog of the libraries holdings.

With this database, library users can browse the library holdings, listen to available mp3's (restricted to the library), and staff can edit/create/delete records.

Currently this database is being exported for another application, Library World. The CFA staff is trying to make sure that the new database will still carry all of the abilities of the FMP version.

Emma Ray Riggs McKay Library (link dead)

Image of McKay Library Search Web Page

Sample FileMaker Pro sites: ACLIS Mac Support

Mac Mgr Contacts
This database is used to help Macintosh managers on campus share information, and improve overall coordination and communication. The managers enter how they use Macintosh hardware and software in their environment, as well as provide suggestions on improving the direction of Mac Support and meeting the needs of Apple users and support professionals.

Example page (link dead)

Image of Mac Mgr Contacts Web Page

Mac Mgr Archive
This database is a mail list archive.

To get it to work, we setup an email account for the database, subscribed it to the list, then wrote an AppleScript that is run every 5 minutes by iDo Script Scheduler to download new email. The email is downloaded and imported into the database with the FileMaker plugin dbMailer. (link dead)

Search Username: "hemp" Password: "hemp" (link dead; the Mac Mgr Archive can now be found here)

Other possible databases

  • Guest books - People add records to a guest book and other's can view it.
  • Periodic newsletter lists - People add records to your database so that you can send them periodic newsletters via mail or email.
  • Equipment inventory


While FileMaker shouldn't be used for certain solutions, such as storing credit card numbers, or trying to maintain a complex personnel database that contains as much information as possible about students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, etc., it still can be used for simpler solutions and is an easy way to implement it.