FileMaker Pro 4.1v3 & the Web

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-07-13 devin


FileMaker Pro is an easy solution to many database needs. Using FileMaker Pro, it is easy to create databases, custom layouts, scripts, and multiple user solutions.

Likewise, it is easy to use FileMaker to process web forms or even serve databases on the web. This an easy way to begin establishing a web presence or to build a multi-platform, unlimited-user database.

Pro's to using FMP Web Databases:
  • Work on any platform (Mac, Windows, Unix, Linux)
  • Only one licence of the application required (vs. every client owns a copy of FMP, and must upgrade to FMP5 (FMP4 and FMP5 are incompatible)
  • If you own FMP4, you do not have to upgrade to FMP5 because FMP4 works fine.
Con's to using FMP Web Database
  • Can not be as complex as a multi-user database that is hosted by FMP (requires every client to own a copy of FMP).
  • Security not as robust as forcing every client to use FMP.

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  • This discussion focuses on FileMaker Pro 4.1, not 5.x. I have not worked with 5's web publishing. However, if what I understand is correct, all that I will discuss applies to 5 anyway.
  • Webpage creation can be done in any wysiwyg editor, but basic HTML knowledge is a must. The webpages must have Filemaker tags in order to serve data from the database. The placement of the tags is vital, which is why basic HTML knowledge is a must.
  • This discussion will show you how to put databases on the web that are NOT intended to contain secure data. Filemaker pro and security do not get along. Either buy something like Lasso, or a different database program.