By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-07-03 devin

For more information regarding Office X, you can visit the Microsoft Mactopia Office X product pages from the links below:
Office X -

Word X - (link dead)

Excel X - (link dead)

PowerPoint X - (link dead)

Entourage X - (link dead)
The Mactopia pages have detailed information on each component of Office X with information on features, where you can purchase them as individual applications, system requirements, upgrade information, and articles on how to maximize their individual capabilities.You can also visit the Apple Office X product pages at:
For an more independent perspective, evaluations of the Office X Suite, can be found at:, Tom Negrino - reviewer, John C Welch - reviewer (link dead), John Rizzo - reviewer,3040,e7111436,00.html (link dead), John Rizzo - reviewer

Detroit Free Press, Mike Wendland - reviewer (link dead) features a "Reader Report" message board to which users can post their own experiences with certain products. To see what issues others have had with Office X please select from the two reports below:
Report #1 -

Report #2 -