Podcast Producer - Apple Presentation

By: George Cook - Revised: 2009-07-17 richard

Podcast Producer - by George Cooke, Consulting Engineer Apple

George Cook, will remotely present Apple's amazing new Podcast Producer technology.

With Podcast Producer, a component of the new Mac OS X Leopard Server, you get a complete, end-to-end solution for encoding, publishing, and distributing high-quality podcasts and streaming content. Podcast Producer simplifies the process of recording content, encoding, and publishing podcasts for playback in iTunes and on iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and other audio and video playback devices.

Podcast Composer

At this session, you'll learn how to capture high-quality audio and video from local and remote cameras, record screen captures, and upload existing content into Podcast Producer for encoding and distribution. With Podcast Producer, creating high quality podcasts is now easier than ever!

Podcast Producer Process

George Cook, Consulting Engineer, Apple Inc.George Cook is a National Consulting Engineer for Apple's U.S. Education Sales Division. In this capacity he consults with educational institutions developing creative applications for digital media in their curriculum, research, administration and public relations activities. George brings a wealth of experience with and knowledge of digital media authoring, workflow and delivery, with an emphasis on Internet media delivery.