By: Robert Yeo of University of Utah, College of Fine Arts - Revised: 2010-02-04 scott

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Cacti Overview by Robert Yeo
"Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out of the box. All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices."

Robert gives an overview of Cacti and cover Cacti setup and creating some initial graphs.

Carbon Copy ClonerLabStats by Christian Hayes, Computer Lab Solutions
LabStats is a suite of software products that helps administrators manage computer labs. LabStats Suite makes it easy to track computer usage, application data, and manage power usage.

Designed specifically for computer lab environments, LabStats uses a lightweight client to send usage data to a streamlined database and a single web server to generate reports on computer lab usage.

This presentations will cover an overview of LabStats and spefically how some of our users are tracking Mac usage, and details of how it installs and runs on the Mac OS X.

Robert Yeo is an IT professional at the College of Fine Arts.  He handles the administration of CFA servers running OD, Xsan, Radmind, Nagios, Cacti, etc.  He also maintains all CFA lab hardware and software.