By: Ben Martin - Revised: 2007-02-23 richard

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MacFuse - by Ben Martin
MacFUSE implements a mechanism that makes it possible to implement a fully functional file system in a user-space program on Mac OS X (10.4 and above). It aims to be API-compliant with the FUSE (File-system in USErspace) mechanism that originated on Linux.

Ben will discuss and demonstrate MacFuse running multiple file systems under Mac OS X 10.4.

Mount NTFS Script

The following script can be used to automate mounting NTFS file systems with MacFUSE.

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disk_name=`diskutil list | sed -n 's/\(.*\)\(NTFS[[:space:]]\)\([[:alnum:]]*\)\([[:space:]]*[[:graph:]]*[[:space:]][[:upper:]]*[[:space:]]*\)\([[:alnum:]]*\)/\3/p'`

disk_identifier=`diskutil list | sed -n 's/\(.*\)\(NTFS[[:space:]]\)\([[:alnum:]]*\)\([[:space:]]*[[:graph:]]*[[:space:]][[:upper:]]*[[:space:]]*\)\([[:alnum:]]*\)/\5/p'`

diskutil unmount "${disk_identifier}"

mkdir /Volumes/"${disk_name}"

/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/"${disk_identifier}" /Volumes/"${disk_name}" -o ping_diskarb,volname="${disk_name}" 2> /dev/null