CCC vs SuperDuper!

By: AJ Boldan & Dan Hutten, University of Utah - Revised: 2008-05-29 richard

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Carbon Copy Cloner vs SuperDuper! - by AJ Boldan & Dan Hutten

AJ Boldan & Dan Hutten from Pathology reviewed how they use Carbon Copy Cloner and how it compares to SuperDuper!.

Carbon Copy Cloner
Is a clone, synchronize & backup utility for Mac OS X. Carbon Copy Cloner [CCC] 3.0 features a new interface designed to make the cloning and backup procedure more intuitive and more responsive. Users have better control over what gets backed up, and are provided with detailed information about the progress of their backup. In addition to general backup, CCC can also clone one hard drive to another, copying every single block or file to create an exact replica of your source hard drive. CCC's block-level copy offers the absolute best fidelity in the industry!

Among the new features are:
  •  Support for block-level disk-to-disk clones.
  •  Synchronization built-in, not bolted on.
  •  Support for backing up across the network to another Macintosh.
  •  Advanced scheduling capabilities -- Backup tasks can now be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can indicate that a backup task should run when the backup device is attached (e.g. an iPod). You don't even need to be logged in for your backups to occur!
  • CCC recognizes iPods specifically, allowing time for the iPod:iTunes synchronization to complete.
  • The ability to drill down into folders to select exactly what gets copied and what doesn't (you can drill down indefinitely).
  • Built-in software update feature notifies you when updates are available.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Is a clone, synchronize & backup utility for Mac OS X 10.4 & 10.5. It is a 2005 and 2006 Eddy Award winner SuperDuper is the most advanced, yet easy to use disk copying program available for Mac OS X. It can, of course, make a straight copy, or "clone" -- useful when you want to move all your data from one machine to another, or do a simple backup. In moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file.

Among the new features are...
  • Full Leopard support
  • Can store a bootable backup side-by-side with a Time Machine backup on a single volume
  • Can copy Time Machine backup volumes to other drive when you need more space (or want to back up your archived data)
  • "Run Now" button for scheduled copies
  • Automatic preservation of any custom icon on the destination volume
  • Improved Spotlight handling
  • Performance and other improvements
  • The ability to easily schedule backups
  • Additional imaging options
  • More control over shutdown
  • Better AppleScript support
  • Hundreds of UI improvements
  • Growl support
  • And a completely rewritten, task-based User's Guide.