By: Robert Yeo of University of Utah, College of Fine Arts - Revised: 2010-02-04 scott

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LabStats by Christian Hayes, Computer Lab Solutions
LabStats is a suite of software products that helps administrators manage computer labs. LabStats Suite makes it easy to track computer usage, application data, and manage power usage.

Designed specifically for computer lab environments, LabStats uses a lightweight client to send usage data to a streamlined database and a single web server to generate reports on computer lab usage.

This presentation covers an overview of LabStats and specifically tracking Mac usage, and details of how it installs and runs on the Mac OS X.


Christian Hayes is the president of the company, and he lives right here in Utah (Farmington). He has a degree in Information Systems from SUU and spent 3 years there as a Systems Admin managing their computer labs, and another year as an Oracle developer when they implemented Banner.  He started Computer Lab Solutions in 2004 by launching our original LabStats software, and we’ve been adding to it ever since.