AShare Helper

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin

Download AShare Helper 1.7.2 – HQX-File, 465 bytes

AShare Helper is an application that was designed to help AppleShare IP Server Administrators with the upkeep of their Servers by doing a number of minor tasks, then sending notification to remote locations.
  • Detect a System Crash (IE not properly quit) then use Disk Warrior to repair all local non boot or non network volumes.
  • Manually launch the AppleShare IP Web & File Server on startup (after doing repairs). Only works on AppleShare v5.0 - v6.2.
  • Keep a nominated Application running in the foreground and launch it if it is not running.
  • Do regular checks for free space on any mounted volume.
  • Make regular backups of the local Users & Groups Datafile (with an append date).
  • Empty the contents of the invisible Network Trash Folder on each volume (deletes all files more than 24hrs old).
  • Log all it's actions to a local text file plus send email notifications and errors to any remote location.
How to operate it?
When launched, AShare Helper does not show any interface windows or dialogues. You should start by selecting 'Preferences' from the File menu (shortcut is Cmd-P). This window should be self explanatory as it allows you to nominate Tasks, Actions and Warnings plus when you want to have them occur (once a week, daily and at what time of the day).

You can use the Notifications are to setup where to send a copy of the Event Log for both the Actions and Warnings. All email errors are saved in the event log as are the email logs themselves.

The Event Log can viewed at any time by selecting 'View Log' from the File menu (shortcut is Cmd-L). This allows you to scroll through the log and clear it if required.

Where to put AShare Helper?
Probably the Startup Items folder in the System Folder would be a good place, otherwise launch it manually whenever you feel the need.

What are the limitations?
  • AShare Helper was written for English language versions of MacOS. It will not experience any major problems running on other language versions of MacOS, but all the windows, dialogs and buttons will not be correct.
  •  AShare Helper currently does not check to see if the boot volume is full prior to writing it's log. It is a good idea to enable a 'Check for Available Space' Warning for the boot volume.
  • AShare Helper is totally free and no warranty is provided or implied. Use it at your discretion.
Questions / Comments?
All comments / questions should be directed to