Unsupported - Turning on DDP Checksums for AppleTalk

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin

The default checksumming in AppleTalk is not that great, it will occasionally let through an error. Especially now when people are transferring giant archives or disk images that have auto checks for errors in the file, we are seeing more and more errors due to AppleTalk. Turning on DDP Checksumming will slow AppleTalk performance, but will eliminate these file errors.
  1. Shut down the server
  2. Open the AppleShare IP Web & File extension using a resource editor like ResEdit
  3. Open the 'pref' resource
  4. Edit resource #1700 and set it to be 1
  5. Save the resource and restart your server.

On all AppleShare Clients, you will need to install the "UseChecksums" extension.

UseChecksums – HQX-File, 568 bytes