Unsupported - Wiping out fork data

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin

Only for ASIP 6.3.x and later...

If someone does a FPSetForkParm past the EOF of a fork, ASIP does not automatically zero out that data. So, someone could then read that area and see what was left over there. Most, if not all the time, the data there is total garbage, but for those of you who are totally security paranoid...
  1. Shut down the server
  2. Open the AppleShare IP Web & File extension using a resource editor like ResEdit
  3. Open the 'pref' resource
  4. Edit resource #1762 and set it to be 1
  5. Save the resource and restart your server.
This will fill in the new data areas with 'E' and hopefully 0 in later releases. Note that this will slow down your server performance and only affects the File Server part of AISP.