Duplexer and Save/RestoreASIP

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin

The Apple iMac (including the slot loading CD-ROM versions), Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White version only), Power Macintosh G4, iBook, 1999 PowerBook G3 (Bronze version only), and 2000 PowerBook (Firewire version) uses auto negotiation to determine what speed (10 Mbit or 100 Mbit) and duplex (half or full) to use for the built in Ethernet. Duplexer is an unsupported system extension that allows you to disable the auto negotiation and to use a set speed (10 Mbit or 100 Mbit) and duplex (Full or Half) for the built in Ethernet.

Allows you to save and restore the current access privileges of an ASIP server into an MPW text file. Combined with ASIP 6.3 ability to export/import the Users and Groups list, you can recreate your entire Users/Groups AND access privileges. This is useful when:
  • You wish to create a new copy of the U/G file along with access privileges instead of trying to repair the existing one. Or, for those cases where the UG file can not be repaired.
  • Another backup solution for the UG file and access privileges.
  • Makes it easier to move an ASIP server from one CPU to a different CPU.
  • Combined with AppleScript and MPW's built in scripting, you can create some automatic ways to create users, groups and assign/change their access rights using simple to read text or XML files.