Network trash explanation

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin

You will have one network trash folder at the root of every sharepoint. Within that folder will be a file called Trash Can Usage Map which is used by the Finder on the client machine to claim a Trash Can #x folder to use as the trash can for the server volume.

When a client throws a file on a remote volume away the Finder tries to get a lock on the first byte of the Trash Can Usage Map if that byte is locked, it tries to get a lock on the second byte and so on. When it gets the lock it "claims" the corresponding Trash Can folder. It then moves the file to be thrown away into its Trash Can folder. When the User selects Empty Trash, the Finder will empty its Trash Can Folder.

If the client machine breaks the connection via crashing or being disconnected, the Trash Can folder will not be emptied. However when a client Finder claims a Trash Can folder, it will delete anything that was in the folder previously.

For detailed explanation on emptying the "Network Trash Folder" folder manually, using AShare Helper, or AppleScript, click here.