Region Free DVD Playback with VLC

By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Region free DVD playback is a feature desired by many who wish to view movies and programs that are only available on foreign DVDs. The available solutions while functional do have their downsides. Along comes VLC, an open source freeware media player, which will play foreign format DVD without having to make any hardware or firmware modifications. Mikio will demonstrate how to use and configure VLC for region free DVD playback.

Table Of Contents
    A brief introduction to VideoLAN VLC, its platform support, and compatible file types.

    Learn the basics of DVD regions, other region-free solutions, and the issues with these solutions.

    Why VLC is an ideal solution and how to configure your computer to use VLC for region-free DVD playback.

    How to play a DVD with VLC by opening the disc or the VIDEO_TS folder and how to use the controls menu in VLC.

    Discusses hardware and media issues with VLC, as well as VLC error reporting and feedback.