Revised: 2007-09-27 richard


A full range of tutorials, FAQs, and information is available through this site. Click on the FAQs or Tutorials links on the left hand side of this web page.

There will be several classes held in the Marriott Library that will go over the following:
  • Podcasting 101
  • iTunes U - How to edit & add content
  • iTunes U - Simple Podcasts
  • iTunes U - Audio Podcasts
  • iTunes U - Video Podcasts
You can find out more information on classes and class dates/times by checking the Mac Managers site or the Marriott Library Instruction Department web page.

In Person
TACC will offer one hour assistance for all University faculty and staff to assist with the creation and uploading of content into iTunes U. The Marriott Library Multimedia Center will be able to provide basic support for audio editing, enhanced podcasts, and uploading.

Instructional Media Services(IMS) will offer equipment support and basic production assistance with campus related courses. Media Solutions offers a full range of consultation services for creating auidio or video podcast episodes.