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By: Amy Larson & Jonah Klevesahl, JAMF Software - Revised: 2008-03-11 richard

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Casper Suite  - by Amy Larson & Jonah Klevesahl, JAMF Software
The Casper Suite from JAMF Software is client management software for the Macintosh platform. In this presentation, you will get an overview of the Casper Suite and its functionalities, from inventory management to imaging and remote, scheduled maintenance. This introduction to the Casper Suite will discuss how this Macintosh native solution can help with lab management as well as automated, pro-active support of student, faculty, and staff computers. This demonstration will provide a look at how the Casper Suite can provide an easy, supported enterprise solution to Macintosh managers in education.

Presenters:  Amy Larson and Jonah Klevesahl, JAMF Software. Amy Larson is an Educational Account Executive for JAMF Software, working with K-12 and higher education IT professionals to bring their Macintosh networks in to a managed state. Jonah Klevesahl, Product Specialist with JAMF Software, has worked in Macintosh support for 14 years, most recently as a Casper administrator with Fallon Worldwide managing approximately 175 machines in Minneapolis, and another 40-50 spread throughout their worldwide offices.

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