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With the announcement of the popular imaging software, NetRestore, development would be discontinued, emerges another option called DeployStudio.  DeployStudio is a free tool for creating, customizing and deploy images.

Because documentation for DeployStudio is somewhat sparse, see additional documentation below...

DeployStudio Assistant
DeployStudio by Richard Glaser, SCL, University of Utah
With the NetRestore End of Life, DeployStudio offers another solution for image management with great flexibility and ease of use. DeployStudio leverages Apple Software Restore and can be used locally from an external hard drive/partition, or remotely using images hosted by a server.

DeployStudio provides an array of features designed to make it easy to use. An assistant is available that can be used to configure a DeployStudio installation as well as to create either a NetBoot set or bootable external drives for use with clients. DeployStudio's administration application, which can be run locally on the server or from a remote workstation, allows administrators to monitor connections to the server and the progress of active deployments.

This presentation covered an overview, demonstration and experiences using DeployStudio.

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