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By: Justin Elliott - Revised: 2010-06-01 Scott

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PSU Blast Image Config - by Justin Elliott, Developer
This presentation will provide an overview of the features in PSU Blast Image Config ("BIC") and how it's used at Penn State University to image and configure the 600+ student computing lab Macs. Justin has been developing BIC since 2003, and has presented on it many times at MacWorld conferences, along with WebCasts hosted by

Justin Elliott is the developer of PSU Blast Image Config, and the manager of the Macintosh and Linux Teams for the student computing labs at Penn State University. Justin was one of the founding members of the group, when it started out as Justin has worked at Penn State since 1999, right after he completed his Master's Degree in Computer Science.

For more information on PSU Blast Image Config, see this web site...

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