Radmind - Mac OS X File System Maintenance

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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This presentation discusses Mac OS X file system maintenance using radmind. It includes an overview of radmind, and details on how the University of Utah, Student Computing Labs group uses it to restore & update OS and software; remove client modifications by users, OS & hardware bugs; track & deploy OS and software updates; and options for customizing use of radmind.

Table Of Contents
    Basic information about radmind including what it is, platform support, cost, and development.

    A list of frequently asked questions regarding radmind.

    Here is a list of man pages or manual pages for the radmind tools, which basically are online help for the unix command line tools.

    Here is a list of radmind resources like documentation, email lists, scripts, etc.

    Radmind uses special expressions or terminology that you may or may not be familar. Here is a list of this terminology with a brief description.