By: Mike Kimball & Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-06-15 devin


An overview of MacAdministrator, a client security and authentication package (and more).

Table Of Contents
    Mac Administrator, from Hi-Resolution Systems, is a system management tool that conducts a variety of administrative, maintenance, management, and security functions. This includes user authentication operations using existing, commonly available authentication servers; regulating and monitoring network accessibility, usage privileges, and the general activities of users or groups of users; regulating, monitoring, and recording the general activity of individual machines or groups of machines; remotely installing, removing, upgrading, and regulating applications, folders, and files on individual machines or groups of machines.

    This page lists some of the configurations, customizations, and modifications we have made to MacAdministrator to suit our environment both from an authentication and a user-service standpoint.

    This page lists some of the additional functionality we have added through the use of AppleScript applications, run as Agents (either at login, logout, or startup).