By: Andrew Shafer - Revised: 2009-09-15 scott

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Puppet by Andrew Shafer of Reductive Labs
This presentation gave a walk through the configuration management philosophy of the Puppet framework, introduce the roles of the Puppet executables, the Puppet resource model and how this is expressed in the Puppet language, highlighting some of the Mac OS X specific management capabilities (thanks to the Puppet community, especially Nigel Kersten of Google and Jeff McCune of North Star Labs).

Puppet is an open source solution for configuration management. Puppet lets you perform normal administrative tasks (such as adding users, installing packages, and updating client & server configurations) on any number of systems, even if those systems are running completely different operating systems. Through the use of providers, Puppet takes a generic instruction from you (such as ensuring MySQL is installed) and performs the task the "right way" for each system.

Puppet works with Mac OS X and most varieties of UNIX-like operating systems, and is used by institutions & corporations like Ohio State University, Google, Digg and many others.

Puppet - Tool Stack

Puppet - Centralized Managment