Apple Remote Desktop

Revised: 2006-12-21 richard


Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) is a Mac application that allows you to remotely manage, assist & monitor clients, distribute software, and provide in-depth hardware & software reports. This section has multiple presentations on ARD & implementations.

Table Of Contents
    Delivering over 50 new features and countless enhancements, Apple Remote Desktop 2 is a complete desktop management solution for Mac OS X. You can distribute software, configure systems, offer real-time online help and create detailed hardware and software reports — for all of your Mac systems in your organization, all from your own Mac. Mike will provide an overview of ARD 2.0.

    Apple Remote Desktop remains the easiest way for administrators to manage multiple systems. Through this presentation viewers will learn new ways to make remote administration easier and more efficient by taking advantage of the features in Remote Desktop 3 and learn new ways to install or upgrade software, configure systems and collect information on hardware and software configurations. Nader Nafissi is the Product Manager at Apple Computer.

    Steven Doyle of Edith Cowan University, Australia explores Apple Remote Desktop 2. ARD2 introduced an incredibly powerful relational database. Learn how this database can be leveraged through your deployment and inventory process and how it is integrated with a help desk at one institution to provide exceptional customer service.