Revised: 2009-06-23 richard


DeployStudio uses several network services in Mac OS X that might require some ports to be opened on a firewall.

PortTCP or UDPService or Protocol NameRFCUsed by & Additional Info
67UDPBootstrap Protocol Server (BootP, bootps)951NetBoot via DHCP
68UDPBootstrap Protocol Client (bootpc)951NetBoot via DHCP
69, 1023-65535UDPTrivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)1350-
111TCP & UDPRemote Procedure Call (RPC)1057, 1831Portmap (sunrpc)
137UDPWindows Internet Naming Service (WINS)--
138UDPNETBIOS Datagram Service-Windows Datagram Service, Windows Network Neighborhood
139TCPServer Message Block (SMB)-Used by Microsoft Windows file and print services, such as Windows Sharing in Mac OS
548TCPApple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP-AppleShare, Personal File Sharing, Apple File Service
2049TCP & UDPNetwork File System (NFS) (version 3)1094NetBoot via DHCP
5432TCPARD 2.0 Database--
5900TCPVirtual Network Computing (VNC)-Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 or later (Observe/Control feature) Screen Sharing (Mac OS X 10.5 or later)
60080TCPDeployStudio Server - Default Port--
60443TCPDeployStudio Server - Default Sercure Port--