Creo EverSmartScan

By: Scott Doenges - Revised: 2006-05-30 devin

Creo EverSmartScan 3.5.0

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  • Installs almost 250 items as modes 777 and 666 (world-writable)
  • Requires world-write permissions to the following directories:
    • /Applications/EverSmartScan3.5.0/EverSmartScan-App.folder/ EverSmart Jazz Tables /
    • /Applications/EverSmartScan3.5.0/EverSmartScan-App.folder/ EverSmartScan /CreoScan_DataFolder!!!/
    • /Applications/EverSmartScan3.5.0/EverSmartScan-App.folder/EverSmartScan /Data Files/
    • /Library/Preferences/EverSmartDb.JazzPlus (or /Library/Preferences/EverSmartDb.Jazz, depending on the model of scanner you have.)
  • Workarounds: The EverSmart Jazz Tables can be moved anywhere, just make sure you set the preferences in the application to point to the secure location once you've moved it. The EverSmartDb file can't be moved, although you could add a login script that refreshes this file at login. The others also can't be moved, if you're concerned about security, you can create a disk image of the EverSmartScan 3.5.0 folder and mount it with Shadowfile. See below for details. One thing to be aware of: temporary data is stored within the application folder, so your disk image needs to have enough free space for this, or the application won't scan large files. It would be best if EverSmartScan used /tmp/, which exists for such temporary data.
  • Note: Installs a kernel extension, at least when you use the FireWire converter, and may for SCSI connection, too.