QuarkXPress 6.x Passport

By: Scott Doenges - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

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  • It needs write access to the application folder to create a "QuarkXPress Temp" file on launch, then deletes it when you quit the application. A symlink won't fool it — Quark deletes it when you quit the app.
  • Our work around is creating a disk image of the application folder and mounting it with Shadowfile, then using an AppleScript to mount the image and launch the Quark app itself — see below for details. It would be best if Quark used /tmp/, which exists to store such temporary files.

QuarkXPress Temp File
  • Others have noted that if you are using the "Quark Network License Administrator" that it creates a file "qxpelf" in the application folder and will error "QuarkXpress cannot launch from a locked volume." if it doesn't have write access.

QuarkXPress qxpelf File