Omnipage Pro 11.x

By: Scott Doenges - Revised: 2006-06-02 devin
  • First of all, the Omnipage installer won't work with Mac OS X 10.2.x. You have to copy the installer to your hard drive, set it to open in Classic, and install it that way. Either that, or give the installer Root privileges.
  • Creates temporary scanning files in the Components folder inside the application directory, rather than in the user's prefs folder or /tmp/.
  • Stores its prefs file in the application folder, rather than in the user's prefs folder.
  • Workarounds: (1) Move the Components folder to a user-writable location, and put a smylink to the Components folder in Omnipage's application folder. (2) Make a disk image of the Omnipage folder, then use an AppleScript to mount the image with a Shadowfile and launch the actual Omnipage app.