Sorenson Squeeze 4.x

By: Scott Doenges - Revised: 2006-05-30 devin

Sorenson Squeeze Icon
  • The folder Squeeze4 is created at the root of the hard drive. This folder seems to contain a number of support files such as codecs. Although the default permissions on this directory and everything in it are secure, putting it in the root of the file system creates a certain amount of clutter, which can confuse users. It would be best if this folder were located in a more standard location for such support materials, such as /Library/Application Support/ if people need to be able to add in their own codecs, or embedded within the Squeeze application package otherwise.
  • "Installer Log File" in /Applications/Sorenson Squeeze 4.0/ is installed "world-writable", that is with file permissions of 777. Since this file doesn't seem to need world-writable permissions for normal operations, it would be better if it were installed with a mode of 755.
  • The Filters and Presets are not available if they are left in their default install location (/DefaultFilters and /DefaultPresets within the application directory). Copying these files to ~/SorensonMedia/Squeeze/Filters and ~/SorensonMedia/Squeeze/Presets for the individual users fixes this.
  • The RealMedia presets don't show up in the application if Squeeze is moved from /Applications/Squeeze/ (even just renaming the Squeeze folder breaks RM). This may be an issue with hard-coded paths in the RealMediaExporter.component in /Squeeze4/. Moving the Squeeze application folder and then creating a invisible symlink at /Applications/Squeeze/ fixes this.