Extreme NetBooting

By: Brandon Turner - Revised: 2007-02-07 richard

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The NetBoot service in Mac OS X Server enables multiple Mac systems to boot from a single server-based disk image, instead of from their internal hard drive. This allows you to create a standard configuration and use it on all of the desktop systems in a department or classroom — or host multiple images customized for different workgroups and needs. Also, NetBoot supports a option called NetInstall that allows you to remotely install software or reimage clients.

Using third-party enhancements, you can add more flexibility and power like NetRestore PHPServices that allows you to manage machine-specific data, preferences & configurations to automate re-imaging clients.

This presentation will cover a overview of Mac OS X 10.4 Server's NetBoot & NetInstall process, creating NetBoot & NetRestore image, setting up & using NetRestore PHPServices and tools like Apple Remote Desktop and NetBoot Filter Manager.