General Info

By: Scott Doenges - Revised: 2006-06-20 devin


General information about netOctopus, system requirements, pricing, and software components.

What is netOctopus?

netOctopus is a powerful and versatile cross-platform tool for network administrators. It lets you quickly and easily gather information on computers on the network, install software, and configure them remotely. netOctopus allows you to do the following:
  • Gather information on computers on the network to create reports or keep inventories.
  • Remotely examine individual computers in detail to pinpoint sources of problems.
  • Configure any or all computers remotely, from setting their clocks to editing their Win.ini files.
  • Install or update software on individual computers or a range of them without leaving your desk.
  • Create reports on software use and compliance with licensing requirements.
  • Schedule any task for a convenient time or execute it immediately.
  • Use AppleScript to automate working with netOctopus and create custom solutions by combining it with other applications.
  • Cross-platform compatibility lets you administer all computers with netOctopus - Macs and PCs; LocalTalk, Ethernet, and Token Ring; AppleTalk, IPX, or TCP/IP.

System Requirements

netOctopus Admin application:
Mac OS:
  • A PowerPC processor.
  • 64 MB RAM recommended.
  • System 8.1 or later, but the newer the better.
  • A Pentium processor.
  • 64 MB RAM recommended.
  • Windows 2000, NT 4.0, 98, ME, 95.
netOctopus Agent (a.k.a. Client):
Mac OS:
  • 68020, 30, 40, or any PowerPC processor.
  • 1 MB of available RAM.
  • System 7.1 or later.
  • PC with 80486 or Pentium-class processor.
  • Windows 95, NT 4.0, or any newer version of these operating systems.
  • 1 MB of free RAM.
  • Networking support for IPX or TCP/IP.


The pricing for netOctopus varies depending on how many machines you wish to install the Agent on. A 5-user license cost us $325 ($65 per license), but for 50 licenses they run $61 apiece, and for 100+ they run $58 apiece.

For more information on volume purchases send an email to:

Software Components


The netOctopus Admin application, used by the administrator to perform maintenance, installations, etc. The application can be set to require a password before allowing access.

The FileScripter application, which allows you to easily create Apple Installer Scripts. Used in conjunction with netOctopus, the task of distributing large and complex software packages to multiple computers becomes simple.

There are 4 network modules used by netOctopus: nO ADSPLayer, nO NetworkLayer, nO OTTCPLayer, and nO TCPLayer.


The netOctopus Agent Setup control panel. This lets the client choose the level of access that the admin is allowed. If the admin does not want the client to have access to these settings (in a large computer lab, for instance), a restricted version of the control panel is available via the Custom Install option.

The netOctopus Agent extension. This makes the Client computers show up in the admin application, and must be installed for any of this to work.

The netOctopus Agent also requires the same 4 network modules required by the Admin application: nO ADSPLayer, nO NetworkLayer, nO OTTCPLayer, and nO TCPLayer. In addition to these modules, there is a folder in the Agent's extensions folder with other netOctopus modules (not required by the Admin application).

Once the Agent software has been installed on all computers, the admin can use the netOctopus Admin application to search AppleTalk zones and/or IP/IPX neighborhoods to compile a list of computers he wishes to maintain.