NetBoot Boot Process

Revised: 2007-02-07 richard


Visually, from a end-users perspective there are four primary stages of booting a Mac into NetBoot.
  1. Blinking Globe
  2. Apple Logo & Spinning Globe
  3. Apple Logo & Progress Indicator
  4. Window Server
Knowing these stages visually with the corresponding processes is useful in more fully understanding & troubleshooting NetBoot.

Blinking Globe

When a "blinking globe" displays on the screen is when there is the DHCP and BSDP exchange.

NetBoot - Blinking Globe - DHCP & BSDP Exchange

Apple Logo and Spinning Globe

When you see the screen with the Apple logo and a spinning globe, this is where the client downloads the NetBoot support files.

NetBoot - Apple Logo & Spinning Globe - Downloading NetBoot Support Files