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By: Mike Kimball - Revised: 2006-06-29 devin


Information about the author and Mac OS support at the University of Utah.

About the Author

Mike Kimball has been with Mac OS Support since mid-1996, and has worked in the lab(s) supported by Mac OS Support since April 1995. More info about him can be found at his personal web site, geocities.com/bloodmetalcontent.

About Mac OS Support, University of Utah

Our organization (or at least our parent organization) continues to expand and rearrange and be renamed ;) Mostly its effect on our group is that the work we do with the help of RevRdist has led to a giant increase in our responsibilities on campus and the number of machines we support. Currently we have five student labs, three open public areas, and about five other university departments under our support, totaling over 400 machines. More info at the MMC/ACLIS Labs site.

We have been using RevRdist as our primary method of lab maintenance since at least 1995 when we were the single-lab MLMC (Marriott Library Multimedia Center) with its 80 Macs, under the sole care of Richard Glaser. Back then, all file services were performed by Novell NetWare with AFP, running on a Pentium 133 (this was the application File Server, the staff email/storage server, as well as the RevRdist server; it currently still performs staff duties due to one sole feature that AppleShareIP has lacked thus far: Disk Space Restrictions). Today we use a pair of G4's as dedicated RevRdist servers. And there are five of us ;)

To contact a member of the Mac OS Support team regarding this RevRdist site, please visit our contact page.