By: Mike Kimball - Revised: 2006-06-29 devin

Send me links if you know of any. These are all the links regarding RevRdist that I could find:

Software Installation - Tracking - info about utilities that make it easier to discover what System software gets installed by applications (and therefore easier to know exactly what components to add to your master images).

Software Installation - Migrating - info about utilities that make it easier to migrate System software, useful for upgrading hardware or updating the OS.

RevRdist at Purdue University (link dead) - the original page by the original author of RevRdist, Dale Talcott of Purdue University.

RevRdist listserv archive - an archive of the RevRdist listserv ;) Goes from 1996 to 2001. Has a search engine.

RevRdist Administrator's Guide - online version available from Purdue U.

PSU RevRdist Theory (link dead) - a page describing some specific principles of RevRdist implementation (extensive use of IP variables in distfiles) used at Penn State.

PSU Partial vs Full Refresh (link dead) - some new technique they are using as of late 2001.

Goldsmiths College, London - Mac-Supporters Pages, contains some info on RevRdist but last update was June '97...

CA Procedures: RevRdist - from Yale University.

Yale (link dead) - a brief description of RevRdist and a couple of other troubleshooting tips.

RevRdist HowTo (link dead) - from the Residential Computing department at Berkeley. (link dead)

DSS RevRdist Basics (link dead) - from Rochester Institute of Technology.

WWW Kiosk FAQ - from Cornell University, a small section mentions some RevRdist info.

UWired lab admin info - from U of Washington, includes info on RevRdist as well as PCRdist.

Rutgers University Multi User - it's for Mac, and has info about maintaining labs of machines. They have some more cool stuff for Mac here. (link dead)