531 Access Error: transcript.T

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-09-07 richard

If you are trying to run the radmind tools or Radmind Assistant and you get an error like...

531 Access Error: transcript.T

First, check the command file assigned to the client


Make sure that you don't have any typo's in the transcripts lists in the command file or have a transcript listed that doesn't exist. The transcript listed in the command file must match the transcript name including case.

With issues with typos or missing transcripts you actually get a more informative error message on client vs the server.

For example, if I had a typo or missing transcript in a command file..

531 Access Error: transcript.T

But, would get the following error in the radmind server system.log

f_stat: stat: No such file or directory
snet_getline: No such file or directory