How does Radmind differentiate the different computers from one another for different serial numbers?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

Radmind will allow you to create custom overloads to distribute specific software to a users Mac. For example, we distribute Maya to certain Macs and certain labs with Radmind.

You can use radmind to distribute separate licensing to certain labs or individual machines. We use separate licensing groups in concert with license management software called KeyServer from Sassafras to manage licensing and manage the file system with radmind. We distribute the separate license to certain labs or teaching labs and manage licensing with KeyServer.

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You can combine the software globally in an overload and then distribute separate licensing files in separate overloads, depending on your needs and where licensing needs to be distributed.

In addition to the base loadset and overloads, radmind has the capability of managing individual per-machine "special files".These files are stored on the server, and are specified by namein a command file.