Can you explain what a negative transcript is, and how to build one?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

A negative transcript in radmind tells "fsdiff" to what not to manage. For example, a file listed in a negative transcript will have its owner, group, and permission managed, but not its contents or last modified time. A directory listed in a negative transcript is fully managed, but the tools won't manage the contents of the directory.

The radmind site has example negative transcripts for a number of platforms, including Mac OS X, so it's not necessary to create your own from scratch. If you do create a new one, it can be uploaded to the radmind server with:

lcreate -N transcript-name.T

This uploads the negative transcript and empty files instead of the files described in the transcript. Once on the server, the transcript checksums need to be corrected with:

lcksum -c sha1 transcript-name.T

or using the Radmind Assistant's Server Manager, which has an "Update Loadset" button in the loadset drawer.