What makes radmind more useful than NetInstall from Apple?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

First, NetInstall used DHCP, or is difficult to setup without it, unlike radmind. Some institutions can't run DHCP in their lab environment and they can't use tools like NetBoot and/or NetInstall.

Second, NetInstall doesn’t currently support automatic scheduling. Radmind allows you to update clients with many options, like on a schedule, tripwire, a conditional, etc.

Third, NetInstall doesn’t support comparing the file system locally against a server. So, to make sure that the client is in a pristine state you will need to initialize and reinstall.

Fourth, NetInstall only works with package installers, and DOES NOT support installers like VISE, InstallAnywhere, etc. Radmind captures the files installed/modified by an installer, so, it supports any installer.

NetInstall is basically a tool for managing/deploying package installers. It is a good tool, but does have some limitations and restrictions.

Fifth, security, radmind at its core is a tripwire and will detect modifications to the file system. NetInstall will not detect modifications and will only restore defaults if the client is taked to a pristine state you will need to initialize and reinstall.

Radmind, also allows you find & fix security problems with OS & software like world writable files/directories, SUID/GUID binaries, incorrect attributes or permissions. Radmind describes the files system in a transcript, which can represent a OS or software installation. The transcript lists permissions, owner & group and allows you to easily find and change incorrect settings.