hotfiles.btree Error

Revised: 2007-01-16 richard


If you have error with radmind with with a file called "/.hotfiles.btree", like resource busy or other errors. You have multiple workarounds the issue.

What is it?

The .hotfiles.btree is a file that is used to keep track of the files that currently occupy the hot file area of the metadata zone. The metadata zone, is the area where volume metadata and frequently used small files ("hot files") are stored the on disk.

The is used to track commonly-used small files so their position on disk can be optimized and improve performance.

You will find the .hotfiles.btree at the root of the file system...


Deleting .hotfiles.btree File

Some have suggested that if you are running into the radmind error with the .hotfiles.btree file on one or a few boxes, you might try manually removing the file and running radmind.

Other have suggested that this might a little heavy handed and might cause potential problems. We used to handle errors with this file in the past, but we use another method noted below.

sudo rm /.hotfiles.btree

Scan hotfiles.btree Before Full File System Scan

Another solution first scan the  /hotfiles.btree file before doing your second scan of the entire file system.

fsdiff -c sha1 -1 ./hotfiles.btree