What are special files?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

Radmind has a facility for managing special per-machine files. On the server, in /var/radmind, you'll note there's a directory called " special". Under this special directory, you can make a hierarchy per-machine, e.g


or IP address

Under the per-machine directory, you can store any files that you want only that machine to get. You refer to these files in the command file for a class of machines, e.g.

p base.T
n negative.T
s /Library/Application\bSupport/FinalCutPro/License

The above special file for hostname.example.org would live in

/var/radmind/special/hostname.example.edu/Library/Application Support/FinalCutPro/License

This command file could be shared among similar machines, and the only thing unique per-machine would be the license file. BTW, I have no idea where FCP stores its license information. You'll also note that this would be a convenient way to give each machine its own unique crontab, without having its own unique command file and transcript.