How can I install Radmind via command line?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-06 devin

To install radmind via command line you can use the following commands either locally or remotely. First, you need to find the URL for the RadmindTools package installer, go the the Radmind Downloads web page, and then look at the "Mac OS X Installers" section and get the URL from the links listed.


#Using curl - transfer a URL, save local file named like remote file
#With the url to the radmind tools, for example version 1.3.2
curl -O

#Uncompress tar archive
tar zxf RadmindTools-1.3.2.pkg.tgz

#Install package with more descriptive output to root of volume
sudo installer -verbose -pkg RadmindTools-1.3.2.pkg -target /

If you are installing on a radmind server, you need to kill previous version and start the newly installed version. If you are just installing on client, you can skip these two steps.

#Kill processes named radmind
sudo killall radmind

#Startup radmind daemon
sudo /usr/local/sbin/radmind [options]

You have many options to run the above command remotely, like using ARD 2.x Send UNIX Command:

To use SSH, use the following command:

#SSH into your server or client

Then run the commands noted above.