When you say "manage" do you mean manage in the Workgroup Manager sense of managing access, privileges, and the like, or simply keeping software current?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-31 devin

By manage, we are referring to file system management. We are not referring to other management categories like remote control, e.g., Timbuktu Pro, Apple Remote Desktop, VNC, etc. Neither does this include the additional security features of Apple's Workgroup Manger or inventory features available in ARD, NetOctopus, and other similar software.

Radmind allows you to manage the file system. This can be keeping the OS and software current, removing user modifications/changes, removing/updated corrupted files, upgrading/downgrading OS or software, on an individual or global basis. Managing the file system allows you to manage the privileges for file system files/folder.